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In October 2023, Rask Core portfolios will undergo a change as we launch the Rask Invest 3.0 service.

Rask Invest is a totally new portfolio service and platform, allowing our team to manage the investment portfolios of our members — with full transparency, FY tax reporting, quarterly meet-ups/events, all for one low ongoing fee.

The existing Rask Core membership (this one here in front of you), will see some slight changes to the model portfolios.

In short, if you can, we suggest members hold off investing in the current ETFs until the new portfolios are rolled out, here inside Rask Core, but also inside the new service, Rask Invest.

All members will be notified of any portfolio changes via email, and will also be given the opportunity to join Rask Invest as soon as the doors open.

Best wishes,

Owen Rask, CIO
Kevin Fung, Senior Analyst
Matt Story, Senior Analyst